How Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Helps You Plan For Your Future

Benjamin Franklin service van in the front of home

Whether you’ve owned a plumbing company for the past 25 years or you're searching to begin your own, we believe you should never have to face the challenges that come along with it alone. Since 2001, our team has been successfully franchising the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing brand to expand our reach and growing our family.

Throughout the past 20 years of delivering exceptional service and high-quality plumbing services, we have built our brand into one of the most recognizable plumbing names in the industry. From our complete marketing solutions to our proven blueprints for success in the plumbing industry, there’s no question why new and existing business owners continue to explore our franchising opportunities for the home service market.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we’re not only here to deliver high-quality and punctual plumbing services, but we’re also here to support and provide everything needed to find success in the plumbing industry.

Our Past

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing began franchising in 2001. With proven strategies, renowned leadership teams, and hard-working plumbers, we have been able to become the household name we are today.

Beginning with our dedication to always being on time for our scheduled appointments, we have looked for different ways to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack. Now known as The Punctual Plumber®, we don’t take this title lightly and continue to provide the reliable reputation we’ve earned.

As we began to grow, we also found ourselves being talked about more and more in the industry. In fact, we've been named to Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500 for seven years straight in recognition of our outstanding performance in areas including unit growth, financial strength and stability, and brand power.

Your Future

Whether you currently own a plumbing business or are looking to start your own, you’ll be able to benefit from the past – and future – success that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has found.

1. Recognizable Name

With the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing brand now yours, we’re confident you’ll find success in whatever market you choose. While some solo plumbing companies may find it hard to attract customers, Benjamin Franklin owners are never short of leads.

In an owner success story, Daniel Gagne the owner of a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing location in San Francisco Bay Area, CA shared, "The franchise has definitely been an edge for us. I think the name Ben Franklin is an easily recognizable name, and I think we have built a good image. I think the benefits to employees is definitely plenty of work." He is just one of the hundreds of owners that have success in converting their plumbing business using our processes.

2. Proven Operational Tools

Over time, our team has established a wide variety of proven models, tools, and blueprints for a successful plumbing business in your local community. Our OpX system is proven to work and is designed to streamline the daily operations of a business, including billing, invoices, and payroll. . This way, our franchisees can focus on providing great plumbing services while our system handles the rest for them. This allows you to spend less time spreading yourself across your business and instead focusing on how you should spend your extra time.

3. Low Costs

When you chose to move forward with Benjamin Franklin, you’re not only benefiting from our team, but our partners. With our business subsidiary, our franchises are eligible for a wide variety of rebates and discounts on products, tools, and other benefits to keep your costs low. With the help of our operational specialist, you’ll be even able to create your own goals and learn how to meet – then exceed – these!

Start Your Plumbing Business Today!

With over two decades of hands-on experience pleasing customers and building the brand, we have been able to become the leader we are today. When you’re ready to begin exploring your local market options, or simply looking to have some of your questions answered, be sure to give our team a call at (855) 880-4024 to get started!

Be sure to explore our current plumbing franchise opportunities or contact us online to learn more!