How to Make the Most out of Your Franchise Introduction Webinar


Are you looking to start your own plumbing franchise location with the help of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing? While every franchise we open begins with an initial discussion to allow you to ask questions and learn more about if opening a location is the right move for you, we follow up every initial meeting with an intro webinar.

What’s a Franchise Intro Webinar?

In the case that both you and our team decide it’s a great fit, we’ll get to work on scheduling time for an intro webinar. During this webinar, we’ll break down and help you learn about:

  • The Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise process
  • Types of resources offered to our owners
  • How we can help your current plumbing business grow
  • How you can start your own plumbing business with our processes

How Should I Prepare for The Franchise Intro Webinar?

While this seems pretty straightforward and has a wide array of useful information and knowledge, it’s best to come fully prepared. Today, our team is here to provide some insight into what you should consider before logging into your franchising intro webinar.

Know What You’d Like to Ask

While you’re going to be learning a lot (make sure to bring something to take notes with), it’s important to understand what questions you have going into it. While your future Discovery Day will be the best place to ask more in-depth questions, the intro webinar presents a great place to touch on some of the most basic – and most important – aspects of franchising with a new brand.

Some questions you could ask include:

  • What are some of the benefits of franchising with Ben Franklin?
  • What products are offered by Ben Franklin’s franchise owners?
  • What software is used to help boost sales and profit?

Identify Some of Your Concerns

Before going into any meeting with a potential franchisor, it’s important to identify some of the concerns, pain points, or just general things you may be worried about when starting your own business. Understanding these early on can give you the clear answer you need, plus the confidence you’ve been missing!

These may include such things as:

  • Is marketing included?
  • Are there financing options available?
  • How much are royalties?
  • Do I need plumbing experience?

What Happens Next?

After you complete your intro webinar, you’ll be invited to attend Discovery Day! This presents a great way to meet the main team face-to-face and introduce yourself to some fellow new franchisees and existing Ben Franklin owners.

Ready to schedule your own intro webinar with our team? Contact us online to get started.