Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Charlotte, NC Offers Grocery Delivery to Their Community

The Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Charlotte, NC is using their fleet of trucks and plumbers to offer grocery delivery to their community. The team is asking interested members of the community, who fall in their service area, to use a grocery store's curbside pickup option. Then, all they need to do is call the office, giving two to four hours’ notice, to let them know about the order.

The Benjamin Franklin Plumbing team member will pick up grocery items at the scheduled time and deliver them to the homeowner’s doorstep for a no-contact delivery.

“With everything going on right now, we understand it may be difficult for people to get out of the house to do their regular shopping and we just want to help in any way we can,” said General Manager Paul Stefano in a recent news interview. “This is just our way of giving back to the local community who has given us so much. We are all in this together so if you can’t get out to get what you need, we will be happy to pick it up for you.”

Currently, the office plans to keep this offer going through the end of May. The office was featured on WCCB Charlotte for their efforts.