Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Featured in New York Times Article

As part of the Clockwork family of franchise brands, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has continued to expand on a 31-year legacy, growing to a network of almost 300 franchisees across the country. With a unique Conversion Incentive Program and 100% ownership retention, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing truly empowers its franchisees to build their own business and find lasting success.

That’s just one of the reasons our plumbing franchise opportunity was recently featured in a New York Times article titled “How to Get Rich by Buying a Franchise (Really).” Highlighting Benjamin Franklin Plumbing owner Dan Gagne, the article notes that his plumbing business in the Bay Area earns over $20 million in annual revenue, employing at least 100 people. Gagne notes that “The income is more than I’d ever imagined… I own several homes. We’ve invested in eight acres in Costa Rica and are going to build a health spa.”

Franchising is one of the fastest-growing business models in the world, and since 2012, over 1,740 brands have attempted to follow a franchise model. Because franchising allows owners to receive expert guidance, marketing assistance, and ongoing support from a franchisor, those who open a franchise in proven industries can often build their businesses more quickly than solo entrepreneurs.

As Gagne shared with the New York Times, “Could I have done this on my own? Probably not. I would not have gotten all the knowledge that I’ve gotten.”

If you’re looking to increase your personal wealth and grow a successful plumbing business, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing may be the right fit for you! With hundreds of experienced contractors in our network of talented professionals, we can provide you with the infrastructure, knowledge, and support that you need to expand your business efforts.

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