Tips for Basic Shower Door Repair

“Leak” is a four-letter-word when it comes to your household plumbing. A leak in the shower door is no exception – water can drip out and slowly undermine the integrity your bathroom floor, not to mention promote mold and mildew growth. The good news is that most shower door repairs are do-it-yourself affairs, so you don't have to shell out for a plumber or handyman as long as you're willing to put in a little work yourself.

Household Plumbing Repairs You Can Handle Yourself

Check out these tips on getting started on common shower door repairs:

  • Replacing the door sweep: The sweep is the rubber strip that runs along the bottom of the door and helps push the water back into the shower when you open it, preventing it from running out onto the floor. A worn-out sweep is a prime suspect if water starts leaking from the shower stall, and is an easy repair to make yourself. All you need to do is remove the old sweep, purchase a matching one and put it on the same way you took it off. Some sweeps may require you to take out a few screws to remove.
  • Fixing a leaky gasket: The gasket is the rubber or vinyl that runs along the shower door and helps create a tight seal with the wall. With time, gaskets tend to crack or split, so they need to be replaced periodically. The process is similar to replacing the sweep: Simply remove the old gasket, unscrewing it or scraping away adhesive if necessary, then clean and dry the door so the new adhesive will stick. Then, put a new matching gasket in its place and let the adhesive dry.
  • Getting new rollers: Replacing the shower door rollers isn't as urgent as the gasket or the door sweep, since they don't tend to allow water to leak out, but worn rollers can make it annoying to open and close the door. To get the old rollers off, you have to physically remove the door from the frame. From there, most rollers require nothing more than a screwdriver to remove. Next, take your replacement rollers and screw them on securely. Finally, reinsert the door in the frame. If it opens and closes smoothly, you're good to go. If not, you may need to readjust the door or spray some lubricant in the roller track.

Do-It-Yourself Magic

Shower door repair is an easy and practical way to build some know-how and confidence in your repair skills before you move on to more complicated household plumbing work. Replacing the parts is relatively simple, and if you make a mistake, it's no big deal to back off and try again.

If you do need help repairing your shower door, or have any other problems with your household plumbing, contact an expert plumber today.

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