Stay Cool Without a Pool

From coast to coast, friends and family will gather around backyard swimming pools to have fun and keep cool while celebrating the upcoming holiday weekend. But if you don’t have a pool to call your own, don’t worry -- there are plenty of other fun, affordable ways you can get wet and cool off this summer!

Take a few ideas from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and make a splash this Independence Day:

  • Blow up the inflatable pool. At a fraction of the price of even the most affordable above-ground pool, inflatable pools will at least allow you to lounge around in the water. Think bigger than little kiddie pools -- the biggest inflatable pools are built to comfortably hold several adults!
  • Turn on the sprinklers. Many kids have memories of skipping through the sprinklers on hot summer days, and it’s still as fun as ever. Don’t have a lawn sprinkler? You can make your own with just an empty two-liter soda bottle.
  • Make your own slip-n-slide. You might find that your store-bought version is a little small for adults, but making your own is easy. Just spread out some plastic sheeting, squirt liquid dish soap liberally and sprinkle it with the garden hose. Be careful -- it’s fun, but slick!
  • Prepare for a water balloon fight. If you have the space, store filled water balloons in the refrigerator. When it’s time to cool down, get them out and shock your friends with a blast of cold water!
  • Have a water gun shootout. To make it more fun and competitive, string a clothesline through the handle of an empty watering can and hang it in your backyard. With a team on each side, try to spray the can from the middle to your opponent’s side.
  • Make your own reusable water bombs. You can follow this simple guide to make some out of kitchen sponges -- just soak them in cold water and have sustainable water fights all day and night!

No matter how you stay cool this Independence Day weekend, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing urges you to play safe and enjoy the holiday!

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