Are you bored with your bathroom? Same old sink fixtures, same old showerhead. If you have a little spare time and money, there's no reason to dull your senses with old, drab plumbing fixtures. Instead, take a tour of stylish and decorative options available to transform your bathroom from pedestrian to the cutting edge of fashion overnight. Read on for some ways to spruce up your sinks and tubs and turn going to the bathroom into a visual treat.

  • Pick Your Material: There are almost as many options for bathroom fixtures as there are stars in the sky. You get your pick of materials from chrome, nickel, steel, bronze, brass and ceramic. Close your eyes and visualize exactly how you want your faucets to look and feel, and there will be something out there that fits your vision. Homeowners flush with cash can even get their fixtures lined with gold.
  • Now the Finish: The classic look of a bathroom fixture is polished, but you can also get the metals brushed, hammered or oil-rubbed, depending on which material you choose. Note that polished finishes require the most work to keep them looking nice, while brushed finishes are better at hiding marks from standard usage.
  • The Style that Counts: Do you want a high gooseneck spout so you have a lot of room underneath? A more post-modern look? Narrow or wide tube? Play around with various style options to really make the bathroom your own.
  • Don't Forget the Features: There's more to new bathroom faucets than just the look. You'll want low-flow bathroom fixtures, of course, to save water and cut down on your bills. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself in the shower. Today's showerheads come with options like rain simulation and body sprayers. For sinks, try out motion sensors so you and your guests can wash your hands without ever touching the handle, or a laminar flow that uses aerators to create a soft, silky stream of water that won't splash on you when you put your hands underneath.
  • Watch that Budget: In large part, your options when it comes to an updated bathroom vary depending on how much you have to spend. Some of the fancier features or finer finishes might not be available if you're on a tight budget, but shop around and you'll be surprised at how pretty you can make your bathroom without breaking the bank. Most fixture companies have online stores and can ship their products directly to your house, but if you want to get a closer, hands-on look, pay a visit to a plumbing showroom before you buy.

With some of these ideas in place, your bathroom will look so good you'll never want to leave! For help picking out or installing some decorative fixtures, contact an expert plumber today. Your local Benjamin Franklin® is always here to help!

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