Why It Is Important to Get Your Drains Cleaned

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One common thing that most households in the United States are guilty of is their lackadaisical approach toward drain cleaning. It is vital to regularly get your drain cleaned and save money in the long run. Running the drainage system is the most important aspect of a healthy plumbing system because a clogged drain brings pests, fleas, odors, water damage and even major plumbing disasters.

So how would the average person with minimal knowledge of drains know when to have them cleaned?


The most obvious sign that your drains need cleaning is ineffective removal of waste water. If you have noticed that the sink or bathtub has been draining slowly. A red flag is that it doesn’t empty at all. Yet another sign is the washing machine or dishwater remaining full of water even after the cycle has been finished.

While we tend to regularly shrug off these signs as mildly infuriating inconveniences, they are signs of something bigger in the works. It is time to get serviced from professionals who have specialization with drain cleaning in Paso Robles, CA.


When water begins to back up in toilets, sinks, bathtubs and showers, it is a sign that you need drain cleaning services. No matter how hard you try to flush the toilet, resorting to tricks and tools such as plungers and bleach to fix the system, water continues to back up. This means that the drain needs to be cleaned.


Now this is one inconvenience no one wants in their house. The build-up of waste in your drain systems can quickly attract dangerous bacteria, disease riddled flies and other microbes that could pose a health risk. If you see a fruit fly randomly flying around your property, it is good chance that they are being beckoned over by the scent of a clogged drain.


Perhaps the biggest signal that your drains have been blocked is the presence of a common nuisance known as the drain fly. There is a reason why they call it the ‘drain fly’, it’s because they are attracted to clogged drains, sewers and septic tanks. Clogged drains are the perfect place for these pests to proliferate, and sooner than later, they’ll begin calling your bathroom their new ‘home’.


If you were to press on your drains, strange sounds can be emitted from them. It is a sign that the drains are clogged and are in need of servicing. So watch out for those gurgling and bubbling sounds.


If your bathroom sink, drain, septic tanks and toilets suffer from the symptoms outlined above, then it means that you need to get your drains cleaned. Properly cleaned drains will get rid of those nuisances and allow you to start over a new leaf. Here are four reasons why you need to stop shrugging these aside as mild inconveniences and start taking them seriously.


Even if the symptoms don’t necessarily manifest to you, your bathroom can always benefit from regular plumbing in Paso Robles, CA. Major issues such as flooding and backed up sewage can happen unannounced and without any warning signs. But having a well maintained drainage system will prevent these unfortunate scenarios before they could even start.

Suppose you’re going off to vacation and after a relaxed time out, you come home only to find a plumbing disaster. This is where professional plumbers in Paso Robles, CA come in who will perform preventative actions and ensure that your drains are working as smoothly as possible.


Did you know that emergency plumbing calls are far more expensive, especially when they are requested at odd hours of the day such as the night or early morning, than regular hours? It is more costly to tend to emergency repairs than to detect them earlier. For this reason, homeowners with the necessary foresight realize how important it is to take preventive measures than to regret when things have gotten too far.


When plumbing problems become worse over the years, they tend to cause enormous damage to your house as a result. This is especially true when a natural disaster such as flooding occurs, which brings water or sewage into your vicinity unknowingly. You would become none the wiser to these problems until professional plumbers in Paso Robles, CA perform an audit to warn you about them.

The presence of humid conditions in your house – particularly those caused by sewage water – can allow elements such as molds to thrive, walls to deteriorate and carpets to rot. Often times it has become so bad that homeowners requested to have massive renovations done to their house and throw out expensive furniture. This is no doubt a costly endeavor because you’re not only throwing old furniture away, but replacing them with newer, expensive ones. The greatest tool that any homeowner has with them is preventative drain maintenance plans which require service from plumbers in Paso Robles, CA.


When professional plumbers in Paso Robles, CA are performing maintenance on your drains, you can also ask them to perform further inspections of your pipes to search for any damages done to them. This process might involve sending a camera down to the sewer lines in search of damages done to the pipes. This presents an opportunity to fix other uncovered issues before experiencing catastrophic plumbing failures – it’s the equivalent of killing two birds with one stone.

It is particularly important to use services from trustworthy, reliable and experienced plumbers in Paso Robles, CA so you are satisfied with their work. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we offer the best plumbing services in Paso Robles, CA which you won’t find elsewhere. With over 35 years satisfying our customers, our plumbers have all the necessary tools, experience and knowledge to give you the highest quality of standards possible. Give us a call today to contact our sales representatives.