Maintaining Your Septic System

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Maintaining your septic system is vital for proper functioning and preventing potential issues in the future. Doing this is easy, and doesn’t incur significant costs especially when you work with an affordable company like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Atascadero, CA. We offer quality services at affordable rates and are the number one choice for thousands and thousands of satisfied clients.

Our experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Atascadero, CA have put together this guide for quick and easy maintenance of your septic system. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Atascadero, CA suggests that you should get your septic tank inspected by a professional once every 3 to 5 years. However, if your drainage system is of another type and comprises of pumps, mechanical components, or electrical switches, then you should get it inspected every year.

Please bear in mind that the above frequencies are only recommended for a typical septic system and use an average amount of water per day. Pumping frequencies are evaluated after considering 4 main factors, so they may be different in your particular case.

  • Number of people in your home

  • Amount of wastewater

  • Solid volume in wastewater

  • Size of the septic tank

Once we arrive at your home, our experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Atascadero, CA will inspect your septic tanks for leaks, and pump the unit. We’ll also evaluate the layers of scum and sludge in your septic tank.

Your septic tank features an outlet, in the shape of an R, which prevents scum and sludge from entering into the drain field. Generally, we’ll pump your tank when the bottom of the scum layer is within 6 inches of the outlet or when the top scum layer is within 12 inches of the top edge of the outlet. We’ll also brief you about potential repairs if we spot any concerning issue and suggest if you should get the component repaired right then or later. We’ll add repairs to our service plan if you approve.

When we’ve done our job, and left your premises, you should follow the steps given below as advised by our expert team at Benjamin plumbing in Atascadero, CA.

  • Maintain a detailed record of all work that we perform. Keep updating this record after every maintenance session.

  • Note the levels of scum and sludge. These will give you an idea when you should get your tank pumped the next time.


Considering a single family with around 4 to 5 members, the average daily water usage is around 700 gallons per person. In case, you experience a running or leaking toilet, around 200 gallons of water can be wasted if you don’t resort to Benjamin Franklin plumbing in Atascadero, CA right away.

Whatever water you use is flushed down the drainage pipes and into your septic types. If you conserve water, it is passed in lesser quantities to your tank, decreasing the need for pumping and reducing failure risk. How do you use water efficiently? Benjamin plumbing in Atascadero, CA suggests the following simple ways.


The water used by toilets is around 30% of the overall household water usage. If your toilet is older, it would use around 3.5 to 5 gallons per flush. One of the easiest ways to reduce water usage is to replace your older toilet with a new and more efficient model. Flushing would only consume 1.6 gallons then.


High-efficiency showerheads are easily available, and Benjamin Franklin plumbing in Atascadero, CA can help you select the right ones for your needs. Just like high-efficiency toilets, these products also use lower amounts of water.

Aerators and flow restrictors also help serve the same purpose.


If you wash only a small load at a single instance, you’re actually wasting water. Your load size must be appropriate for the water conversion and efficient operation of the washing machine. What if you can’t figure out an appropriate load size? Run-on full loads every time you do the laundry.

Also, try to spread the laundry throughout the week rather than washing all your clothes in a single day. Yes, this saves so much time on your part, but it negatively impacts your septic system because the tank doesn’t get enough time to treat waste products.

And by the way, you should invest in a washing machine with the Energy Star label. These models consume 35% less energy and 50% less water compared to standard washing machines. Thus, both your energy and water savings are significant.


Flushing the toilet, grinding the garbage disposal, pouring down the sink and other similar tasks send water into your septic tank. But this water isn’t the only thing that enters. If you let food waste, oil, hair, and other products pass through the drain, all of the garbage ends up in your septic system, bringing down its performance levels.

Don’t treat your septic system like a garbage-bin because it isn’t one. Our team advises that you should never flush wipes, dental floss, cigarette butts, paper towels, pesticides, paints, and other products down your drainage system.


Avoid pouring toxins down the drains is the number one advice by our Benjamin Franklin plumbing in Atascadero, CA. Doing so kills organisms in your tank which are essential for treating waste.

  • Is your drain clogged? You can either avail of our services related to plumbing in Atascadero, CA, rather than using any chemicals on your own.

  • Don’t ever pour grease or oil into your kitchen sink.

  • Minimize latex paint waster. Also, don’t flush any other solvents or toxic cleaner.

  • Use the garbage disposal less frequently so that you can reduce the amount of grease and fats which are passed to your system.


Your drain field removes contaminants from the wastewater produced by the septic tank. Never ever park on the drain field and plant trees around 10 to 20 feet away depending on their size.