A Guide to Selecting the Best Water Filtration System

Water filter

Are you looking around for a water filtration system in Atascadero, CA? Considering the horde of choices available in the market, it can be difficult to decide one. But don’t worry because now you are in the right place! Our expert team has broken the process for selecting the best water filtration system in Atascadero, CA into simple steps. We’ll take you through them, and if at the end of it, you still have questions, you can always give us a call, and we’ll answer all your queries. Let’s get started.


When choosing a water filtration system in Atascadero, CA, the first step is to gauge the quality and find out more about impurities present in the water. A pretty basic step, right?

Yet, so many people miss out on it. Understand the chemical composition of the water running in your taps, and then use the information to figure out the most suitable type of water filtration system in Atascadero, CA for your needs.


In many areas and cities, water is treated and then sent directly to homes without being passed through a filtration system. Chlorine, chloramines and other disinfectants are added so as to kill harmful pathogens, but may not always be added in healthy or sufficient quantities. Plus, even when this is taken care of, these chemicals do result in undesirable effects. Chlorine, for instance, can react with organic and inorganic substances, forming harmful disinfectants.

How do you find out all these details? You can either try testing the water on your own or get reports from the local authorities. Bear in mind that standard reports are only based on EPA requirements, so you may be better off by getting the water quality tested yourself.


Well water does not undergo any chemical treatments, but then that doesn’t mean that your water quality is still premium. You should examine the water for bacteria, arsenic, iron, hydrogen sulfide, industrial pollution, and other possible contaminants.

If the water has too many minerals such as calcium or magnesium, it would be hard in nature. All these minerals will accumulate in your water pipes, leaving behind white residues in the sinks and tubs. Minerals can also clog faucets and showerheads. Hard water forms curds, which means you’ll have to use more soap or detergents than normal.

So just as with city water, test well water so that you can decide the best water filtration system in Atascadero, CA.


Great, you now have a clear picture of contaminants in your water. Accordingly, come up with your own personal objectives. Do you want healthy and purified water running through the taps? Or do you want to remove contaminants only from water used in the kitchens? Figure out your needs, and accordingly set your own water goals. Based on these, choose from the following two main types of filtration systems.


A point of use or POU water filtration system in Atascadero, CA is a standalone device, only meant to serve a particular area or function in your house. Considering your kitchen, a countertop filter, or a multi-stage water filtration system can be treated as POU devices. For your bathrooms, a suitable POU water filtration system in Atascadero would be one that can be attached to the showerheads and for removing chlorine from pipe water.

Please note that POU systems are available in several different sizes and meant for various purposes. Usually, the size of these systems determines the extent to which they can remove contaminants.


A point of entry or POE water filtration system in Atascadero, CA is installed where your home’s plumbing system connects with the city’s line. Such a system cleans water at the entry point, which means that water running through all your home pipes will be filtered. You wouldn’t need separate units for your bathroom or kitchen then, but then the associated costs are also higher. Still, this is somewhat compensated by the fact that a POE water filtration system in Atascadero, CA does not require extensive maintenance and lasts for years. Not to forget that such a unit removes most of the contaminants present, if not all, so you get almost clean and purified water.


So now you know what has to be removed from the water and where your chosen water filtration system will be installed. Let’s take a detailed look at the options available.


A water filter features a porous media of activated carbon or another material, which removes chemical components, improving the odor and taste. Other materials can be blended together with carbon so that the unit can filter out a wider range of contaminants. However, potential toxins may not be removed for which you’ll need a water purifier.


A water purifier is usually based on the reverse osmosis process. Water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane which removes several pollutants. The purified water is then collected and stored for later use. A water purifier can remove around 99% contaminants. Efficiency can be improved further by combining such a system with deionization cartridges.

A multistage water purification system is also based on reverse osmosis. However, after purifying the water, some of the lost minerals are added back to rebalance.


The last step of choosing a water filtration system in Atascadero, CA is to figure out a size based on your usage and household members. Every unit is specified by a maximum capacity – the amount of water it can clean and purify in a certain instance. This number should be slightly more than your daily water usage.

Talk to water filtration experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We’ll assess your needs, and accordingly suggest a suitable water filtration system in Atascadero, CA within your budget.