6 Things Your Plumber Wishes You Wouldn’t Do

plumber working under sink

Your house has plumbing problems and you have no idea how to proceed with the repair. There could be countless reasons behind why you’re experiencing problems with your plumbing, but many of these reasons can be averted if you follow the right methods. Your plumber in Paso Robles, CA wishes that you could do a couple of things to ensure that your plumbing remains safe and sound.

Here we have a list of things that would cut short the work of every plumber out there. Go through the list and make sure that you implement what you learn.


Please, the last thing you can do with a clogged drain is to use chemicals on it. The chemicals have been overhyped by the way they are marketed, and how much DIY videos on the internet focus on them, but the fact of the matter is that there isn’t a lot of good that you can get from using drain cleaning chemicals on a clogged drain.

These chemicals are very harsh for you to use with your bare hands, and may even end up damaging all that can be seen inside the pipe. The walls and the boundaries of your drainage pipe can be impacted by the kind of chemical that is being used. Most chemicals tend to have a detrimental impact on the walls and boundaries and may leave your drain good for nothing. The best way to go about things here is to limit the accumulation of items such as hair or grease inside the drain.


If you keep treating the toilet like a garbage can, then you will surely keep experiencing the problems that come associated with this kind of use. The toilet has a specific purpose associated with it, and the worst thing that you can do is to treat it like a garbage can. Treating the toilet like a garbage can may lead to serious impacts such as continuous clogs. Even if a toilet comes labeled as ‘flushable,’ you’re better off not throwing everything inside it.


Everyone out there in this digital age feels like they could be perfect plumbers, but that really isn’t the case. Things have started changing and the work plumbers are doing is changing as well. Plumbing now requires a certain type of expertise and tools, if you lack the tools or the expertise for the instance, you may end up messing up the task rather than creating a difference.

So, one thing that plumbers in Paso Robles, CA expect from homeowners is that they would leave the tough bits to them and would stop meddling with the plumbing jobs. Not everyone knows the tricks of the trade, so leave the task to a plumber, rather than worsening the situation.


Being in the dark about the location of your main water valve is not cool. Not knowing the location of your main water valve is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, since you should know its location and how to operate it. Homeowners that keep themselves in the dark when it comes to the location of the main water valve, often end up regretting their lack of information. Many plumbing emergencies may require you to turn off the main water valve ASAP, and the last thing a plumber wants to hear is that you have no idea where the valve is located.


A stitch in time saves nine. There is no denying the fact that practicing precaution when it comes to your plumbing can often save you from big expenditure, down the line. Leaks often occur in the plumbing system of your house, and you’re not able to do anything about them. Unfortunately, if you don’t keep a lookout for puddles or other signs of the sort, you might not even be able to locate a leak until the situation has worsened.

What plumbers in Paso Robles, CA suggest here, is for you to have a leak protection system at all times. A leak protection system can be a handy tool to have until a plumber comes to check on your plumbing. This protection system can really keep your house protected from leaks and other stuff of this sort. Not only does the system alert you, but it also shuts off the main water valve automatically, putting an end to any water wastage due to the leak.


Who doesn’t like the idea of a hot water bath in the morning during the winter season? Walking to the bathroom and having hot water trickle down your cold body can be an amazing feeling, but how bad would it be if your heater broke down in the middle of the night and you ran out of hot water? Considering the repercussions of the neglect shown in this regard, the most you can do is to have a check on your hot water heater.

If your heater has lived its life of 10-12 years, then it is time for you to replace it with something new. Heaters aren’t meant to stay tough forever, and you have to eventually replace them with something new. If you have no idea about the year of purchase, then call a professional plumber in Paso Robles, CA for inspecting the heater and seeing how old it is. If you’re using a 20-year-old tank, then chances are that it will fail and flood if you’re out on a vacation with friends.

Many homeowners tend to take their plumbing very non-seriously and suffer from costly repairs and replacements because of this. Drop this attitude and follow the few tips that you must have learned from here. The plumbers in Paso Robles, CA are here to help you at all times, but implementing these tips may help your plumbing sustain for longer. If you do tend to suffer from a plumbing problem, then Benjamin Franklin is the perfect place to go to.