Why You Need a Water Filtration System

pile of empty water bottles

Water makes up about 75% of the planet we live on. It is the most important compound in the world without which human life is unthinkable. It is water that makes the Earth habitable and various probes have been sent all around the universe to look for any signs of water in order to find any traces of life or to find an alternative location for humans to live. Even the Human body is three-fourths of water.

Water is the most valuable natural resource that powers our daily lives. We can’t function properly without water as it helps us in carrying out daily chores. However, have you ever wondered about the quality of water that comes to your home from pipelines?

This water contains impurities and contaminants that can damage your home, environment, and even cost you a lot of money. This water has to be separated from the harmful substances before any use hence you must install a water filtration system in Paso Robles, CA. But why is filtered water so important?


Many people try to avoid buying a water filtration system in Paso Robles because they buy bottled water instead. Buying a few bottles of water may seem cheaper but the yearly costs they incur on your wallet are a lot more than having your own filtration systems. Our reverse-osmosis systems create the same high quality of water that major bottled water brands in the industry use in their production.


People do not only waste their money on bottled water but they also participate in the deterioration of the environment, particularly when Earth is struggling with global warming and climate changes. Creating plastic bottled water requires a lot of energy. These bottles are then traveled to different parts of the country. After usage, these bottles are thrown by buyers and their impact on the environment is massive as it often burnt and affects the world’s atmosphere.

Now imagine having millions of bottled water around the water being created, transported and thrown out daily. People using these bottled are effectively killing the environment and making the world inhabitable. Don’t be that person and adopt a cheaper and better option like a filtration system in Paso Robles, CA. Filtration systems are not considered perilous to the atmosphere and are generally recommended for being environmentally friendly.


The water lines coming to your home have a chemical substance added known as chlorine. It is added to kill harmful bacteria from your water but chlorine itself is not something that is healthy for you to drink. Installing a water filtration system in Paso Robles, CA can help you to eliminate chlorine from your drinking water.

Sometimes the amount of chlorine added into the water lines can be inconsistent depending upon the area. This chlorine can endanger the well being of your family members and yourself. Thus, it is recommended by experts to filter out your water before drinking it.


Are you tight on budget and are looking to save money? Then you should certainly check the amount of money on your grocery bills that you spend on soaps. Soaps help you to take a bath, clean dishes in the kitchen and clean your laundry in the laundry room. The water in your lines is known as hard water and it contains various impurities that make it hard for your soap to create lather. Thus, your soaps finish quicker putting a strain on your budget.

By installing a water filtration system in Paso Robles, CA you can eradicate these impurities from the water. Such water is also known as soft water which easily helps soaps to form lather, resulting in your soaps lasting longer than before. Hence, you will save a lot of money on soaps which you can direct to something important.


The water that comes to your home often contains foreign agents that can harm your home’s water line and you may have to call a plumber. Moreover, appliances that require water to run like heaters and dishwashers can also be affected by contaminants that can degrade the lifespan of your appliances.

Lastly, such water also affects utensils, silverware and even sinks, putting bad marks on them. Having a water filtration system in Paso Robles, CA will remove all the harmful substances from the water in the confines of your home and will consequently increase the duration of a lot of things in your home.


Many people don’t realize that using unfiltered water in cooking can also have an effect on the taste. They think that boiling water is enough to eradicate any unwanted elements from the water. However, they cannot be more wrong. Boiling water does not actually remove all the unwanted substances.

Filtered water cannot only remove those substances completely but without any contamination, it helps your food to be pure and delicious. So if you want to improve the taste and quality of your food, then you should install a water filtration system in Paso Robles, CA.


No American can actually be productive without the inclusion of coffee or tea in his system. But why does the taste of coffee and tea differ so much despite having a standard process for making them? The secret ingredient is quality of water. Different places have different types of contaminants in water that affect the taste of coffee and tea. Filtered water not only helps to create tasty food but it also aids in the brewing of a high quality coffee. Invest in a filtration system in Paso Robles, CA and receive life time coffee of the highest quality.

With so much benefits and advantages associated with filtered water, you should hurry up and contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Paso Robles, CA. We will provide you a water filtration system in Paso Robles, CA with world class water quality and features.