Signs Your Water Heater Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced

man checking water heater

Water is a basic need for every living being on the planet. We drink it, clean ourselves with it and also use it to grow our food. But like any other matter, water also reacts to temperature in a normal way. We human beings are warm-blooded species so we prefer slightly colder or warmer water than our body temperatures. So when fall is upon us, the water we use externally can get quite uncomfortable to use. Therefore to bring the water to our comfortable temperature there is an appliance called the water heater.

Water heaters are a simple home appliance designed to provide warm water during cold weather. There are different types of water heaters such as gas-powered, electric and tankless heaters. But the purpose remains the same and that is to provide everyone with nice temperature-controlled water.

Water heaters require frequent maintenance as any other home appliance. If not taken care of properly, they can get faulty and you may face troubles in cold season. So it is recommended to call for a good water heater repair in Paso Robles, CA before fall season comes.

Some of the signs that might indicate whether you need to repair or replace your water heater:


What can be a more obvious sign than a water heater not heating up the water enough? It is its only job and if it fails to do that then it’s useless. Well, not entirely useless as you can get it repaired by calling the best water heater repair service inPaso Robles, CA.

Another problem that you might face is that you do get hot water from the heater, but to get that hot water you have to run the tap for longer than usual. This problem happens due to simple properties of water. As we know that water is full of minerals. When contained inside metal container, such as water heater tank in this case, the minerals settle down to the bottom of the tank. These minerals then block the heat from getting to some part of the water hence preventing water getting hot properly.

This problem can be solved through flushing out the entire water at least once a year. A clean tank of the water heater will work just fine.


One of the best parts of getting a shower is the high pressure of water. In cold temperatures, you would expect the same pressure of water but this time from a hot water source. If you get hot water with low pressure then it can be very annoying. However, it can also be an indication of clogged pipes.

Pipes coming out to your taps directly from the water heater can be clogged due to excess minerals in water. When water gets heated, the minerals get separated and get stuck on metal objects such as pipes. So if you get low pressure hot water, it is better to call for a good water heater repair in Paso Robles, CA to get it fixed.


Water heaters are designed to provide you with hot water. They are not supposed to add anything into the water that comes out of their pipes. So if you notice the water from the heater being cloudy and smelling a bit funky, then the first thing you should do is compare it with the normal tap water in your home. If the normal tap water is clean then there is definitely something wrong with your water heater.

This appearance and smell of water is caused by the mineral deposits inside the tank of the water heater. These deposits are leftovers of water which is heated up and then separates itself from the minerals. These minerals are then carried out later by the water. So if you start receiving cloudy water with funky, you should call for water heater repair in Paso Robles, CA and get your pipes cleaned or replaced.


As mentioned earlier, water heaters require frequent maintenance checks. So if you notice that there are leaks around your water heater, this problem shouldn’t be ignored. There are two possibilities when water starts leaking.

First possibility is that the pipes sticking out of the heater might be damaged due to corrosion inside them. This problem can simply be solved by sealing the pipes or just replacing them.

Second possibility can be a bit scary. It could mean that your temperature and pressure relief (TPR) valve has stopped working. The leaks are caused by water pressure rising inside the tank due to no TPR to cut off the heat at the required temperature. This means the water temperature will keep on rising till it gets past the boiling point. The pressure inside the tank can get so high that it might eventually explode. Water heater explosion is quite scary as it can cause catastrophic damage to the house.

So if you see any leaks around your water heater you should immediately call for water heater repair in Paso Robles, CA to prevent any catastrophe.


Water heaters are designed to be as quite as possible. So if you hear any usual noises coming out of your water heater such as popping, banging or cracking sound then you should get it checked by calling for water heater repair in Paso Robles, CA.

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