Why You Need a Good Water Filtration System

women drinking water

It is increasingly becoming important to have a good water filtration system in Paso Robles, CA. Since, most of us, whether we prefer to admit it or not, consume water that contains the remains of treated sewage water, waste from industries, fluorides, heavy metals, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, disinfectants and their derivatives, as well as storm water. This water can be hosting bacteria and viruses and other harmful chemicals.

The municipal council of Paso Robles, CA follows stringent policies to ensure the water is treated properly. But water, being a universal solvent, dissolves all these chemicals and bacteria by the time it makes its way to your homes. So the importance of water filtration system in Paso Robles, CA is still relevant.

The quality of water has become an ever more important priority in households throughout the country. As more and more people search for better solutions to their health, they are increasingly interested in the quality and grade of water in their houses. Generally water in your home is full of many different pollutants as mentioned above; these contaminants and pollution in your water can damage your health. A research has reported that 1.1 million people each year have their health negatively impacted due to drinking unhealthy and unfiltered water.

Poor water quality does not only impinge on your health but also results in the accumulation of metals and minerals in the pipes of your home. This accumulation of minerals also damages the shower heads, water heaters, and many other appliances in your house that uses this water. A good reliable company that installs water filtration systems in Paso Robles, CA will have relevant experience in water treatment systems and can provide a first-class solution for you.

Given the importance of water in life, it is completely logical that we want to provide better water for ourselves and our families. Water filtration is an effective way to ensure that the taste, smell and color of the water is better and it is safe to drink.


Apart from Water filtration system in Paso Robles, CA, these days the public is being marketed many products that are labeled as clean and safe drinking water.

Spring water, distilled water and purified water are the most common bottled products you will see in the market. It is important to understand the difference between the different options. It can be confusing to find out which bottled water is a cleaner and safer option. In the end, what matters is finding water that is right for your family.

Distilled water is purified by going through a rigorous process that rids the water of all its content. The pure water that is the product of distillation is not only free from bacteria and harmful substances but also completely lacks the useful minerals that are important for humans.

Spring Water is another popular alternative. Springwater is sourced from underground and according to researchers is no safer than tap water and can contain harmful chemicals.

Bottled water is also a strain on the environment. The environmental hazards due to bottled water are mainly because the plastic bottles are difficult to recycle, and they end up in stagnant garbage dumps. In addition to that bottled water transport adds to the environmental damage to our planet. Many environmentalists around the world are demanding a ban on bottled water products. It is everyone’s responsibility to help sustain the environment.

Apart from not giving any health benefits and being detrimental to the environment bottled water is also a costlier option compared to having in your home your own water filtration system in Paso Robles, CA.

Water that is filtered through a good water filtration system is essentially the same water that you get from your faucet but safer and healthier. This filtered water has harmful substances removed and at the same time maintaining the quality and the benefits of the natural tap water.


Using water that is filtered through a good water filtration system in Paso Robles, CA will give you many benefits compared to other options. Some of the benefits are listed below:


Chlorinated water is good for swimming pools because it is a great method for treating pool water. But chlorinated pool water is not meant to be consumed or used for drinking because chlorine is harmful to us. However, unfortunately, water from the taps contains traces of chlorine, so it is best to remove chlorine through filtration from your drinking water.


Lead is a dangerous toxin that is notoriously known to cause learning and growth disabilities in children, among several harms it can cause when consumed through the tap water. But a good filtration system will immediately remove this toxic chemical.


A good water filtration system in Paso Robles, CA is the smartest investment when it comes to safe and healthy drinking water. Compared to the bottled water filtered water is a very cost-effective choice, helping you save hundreds of dollars every year.


Using a water filtration system in Paso Robles, CA can help you significantly decrease the carbon footprint. Having plastic bottled drinking water delivered to your house can be a very environmentally damaging activity.


Filtered water can help reduce the risk of cancer by eliminating chlorine from the drinking water and also improve your overall health and the health of you family. These are just some of the reasons you should consider installing a good water filtration system in Paso Robles, CA. Having the qualified professional team from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing CA help you find the best solution for safe drinking water is the best decision. Since the well trained and properly equipped experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, CA is one of the best plumbers in your area.