When to Call an Emergency Plumber

Water faucet

We might not realize the importance of plumbing, but without a proper plumbing system, we may not be able to cook, eat, bathe, brush our teeth, and wash our clothes and dishes.

Without the maintenance of the plumbing system, our daily activities can come to a halt. Hence, it is quite imperative that we make sure that our plumbing system is always in proper working condition.

If something goes wrong in the plumbing system, it becomes necessary to call a professional plumber in Paso Robles, CA.

Here we present to you some major signs that can help you figure out when exactly you can call for an emergency plumber in Paso Robles, CA.


This is probably the ugliest plumbing disasters that can occur in any household. There are many factors that could be the cause of the toilet overflow.

It could be possible that the drain line of your washroom is clogged with an unwanted object/material. The blockage can result in a number of problems, an overflowing toilet being one of them.

Another reason responsible for a toilet overflow could be your older low-flow toilet which doesn’t drain out the water quickly and takes hours to filter the water out.

An overflowing toilet not only causes disturbance in the house but it can easily damage your property. The water is dirty as it is full of waste, containing harmful bacteria and germs. The unhealthy environment can spread viruses, making you fall sick.

Being surrounded by dirty water for a really long time can also cause foul smell that can be quite infuriating and intolerable for everyone at home.

If you find your toilet overflowing, don’t think twice and immediately call for an emergency plumber in Paso Robles, CA. Don’t try to fix the problem yourself no matter how simple or easy it may seem. Such tasks are better to be done by the professionals only.


The freezing and bursting of pipes typically happen during the winter season. The ice and the extreme cold can easily damage your plumbing system. As we all know that when water freezes, it expands, causing significant harm to your plumbing system.

A frozen pipe has the potential to burst. When the water in a pipe freezes, the pressure is created between the closed faucet and the blockage, which can build up to the point where it explodes, leading to massive destruction.

Once the pipe explodes, you will notice the lack of running water. Having no access to the supply of water can stop you from performing everyday tasks like washing the dishes, taking bath etc.

There are also higher chances of the house smelling really bad. Thus, to avoid these awful consequences it is recommended to seek help from a plumber in Paso Robles, CA immediately.


If you experience a sudden drop in the water pressure, then it means that there is either a problem in your home’s plumbing system or in the main water system. The only way to figure out the root of the problem is having a professional check the working conditions of both of these systems.

If the water main shows no signs of disturbance, check the faucets or showers to determine if the build-up is causing the issue. In any case, it is better to call for a professional plumber in Paso Robles, CA. Only an experienced plumber can help you figure out why the water pressure is poor.

You never know but there could be a hole in any of the pipes, causing the water to leak unnecessarily and adversely affecting the water pressure. By calling a plumber in Paso Robles, CA, you can specifically know where the problem lies. More than that, a plumber can help fix the problem in no time.


Dripping faucets can be a sheer nuisance. The steady drip of water from a tap is something that can keep you awake late into the night. A more serious problem is that the constant leakage of water can lead to the loss of the vast amount of water.

There are multiple reasons for the dripping faucets to occur. One of the major reasons could be the faucets have damaged parts. The inlet or the outlet seals of the faucets may be broken or the compression of the faucets has knocked off.

A worn-out cartridge and cracks in the pipe are also some of the common causes of dripping faucets. No matter how many simple and easy DIY plumbing tutorials you come across on the Internet, a better bet would be to hire a professional plumber in Paso Robles, CA to help fix the dripping faucets.


Water heating problem can be troublesome especially during winter when the need for hot water is almost a necessity. A complete lack of hot water can make taking showers or even simply washing your hands very difficult tasks!

If you observe your tap water coming out rusty, it could mean that the water pipes have gone rusty. If you also spot rust around the water inlets or the pressure relief valve, it is most likely that the rust has taken hold inside the tank as well.

Another reason behind the water heating problem could be a broken pipeline or cracks around the water tanks which may cause water leakage. Such a situation can cause a difficulty for the tank to hold enough hot warm. The best thing to do in such scenarios is to call a plumber in Paso Robles, immediately.

Plumbing issues are very common. When faced with a plumbing problem, don’t waste time and hire a reliable plumber in Paso Robles, CA. Otherwise, the situation could take a turn for the worse.

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