When to Call in a Professional Plumber

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Almost every person has encountered some sort of household drain or pipe issues and they have some tricks or tips up their sleeve to solve the problem. But as much as you might be the DIY King in your house, there are times you need to call in a professional to fix up your plumbing related problems.

Not everything can be solved with just a plunger. This is where a professional plumber comes in. Finding a professional plumber in Santa Barbara CA is not that hard when you have Benjamin Franklin plumbing right in your city to fix all of your water and drain issues in a jiffy.

Here is why you need to be calling in a professional plumber in Santa Barbara CA.


Sometimes you can’t see any problems on the surface and you only notice it until it’s too late and the problem has progressed to the point of no return. Calling in a professional plumber in Santa Barbara CA will save you a lot of hassle, headaches and money in the future because an annual checkup of all your drains, pipes and faucets will prevent you from any problems arising in the future.

Knowing that you have everything running in order will also give you peace of mind and leave your free from worries. There have been times when people have procrastinated and left one small problem to grow into multiple big ones just because they didn’t get it fixed in time. You don’t want to be one of those people.

An inspection from a professional plumber in Santa Barbara CA will give you a better analysis of the problem. Just one look on something and they will tell you what the problem is. So if you live in Santa Barbara CA and want to have all the pipes, sinks and drains checked and inspected, just call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing services and schedule an appointment.


Isn’t the sound of a dripping faucet just plain annoying? You can’t go to sleep properly if you are hearing a drop of water fall in the sink every second. If there is a leaky pipe under the sink, you can’t use the bucket as a solution for forever, now can you?

It might be just a drop of water but you will be surprised how minor water leakages total up the water bill. Every drop matters, and besides, you don’t want to waste water for no reason. There are people in the world who don’t even have access to clean water and then there are people who let their water go to waste. Be grateful to the water supply you have and get any leakages fixed the sooner the better.

Your faucet might be dripping due to the silicone based sealing inside them getting torn or shifting because of the water pressure. Your plumber will fix them or install a new faucet and it will be up and running in no time.

Pipes, on the other hand, are a bigger problem and you need to be careful with them because the water pressure can actually burst them and before you know it, there could be a pool of water surrounding you in no time. This is when all DIY tips fail and you have to call in a professional plumber in Santa Barbara CA for your water emergencies.


Sometimes there is an imbalance in the water pressure and you might have a low or very high water pressure coming out of your faucet or shower. Low water pressure is a common plumbing issue and to resolve it, you will need to call in a plumber in Santa Barbara CA from a trusted place like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing services to restore the water pressure back.

Nothing can be more annoying than a faucet only dripping out a thin watery line when you want some gushing water to splash on your face. It takes forever and wastes a lot of time. This could be due to a break in main line of the water supply and only a professional plumber can figure it out and let you know. It also happens when you move into a new place that hasn’t been used for a while and there are mineral deposits in the water pipes and faucets, causing only a limited amount of water to trickle out.

This is not one of those DIY moments because let’s face it; nobody is a MacGyver in real life.


A running toilet is really irritating because once you flush something, it keeps on running the water down the drain and you really don’t know what to do besides turning off the tap for the toilet. Once you want to go to the toilet again, there isn’t any water for you to flush because it is constantly flowing down the drain. This is when you need to call in a plumber in Santa Barbara CA and get your toilet fixed as soon as you can.


Having the kitchen sink or bathroom drain clogged can be a nightmare for many because all your washing activities are kept on a halt. It is because of the various things that get stuck and accumulated over time causing the water not to flow properly. But that’s all in a day’s work for a professional plumber in Santa Barbara CA or any other city. Just call Benjamin Franklin’s plumbing service

Professional plumbers in Santa Barbara CA or in fact any other place have years of experience and man hours under their belt. They are highly skilled and trained in dealing with any type of plumbing related situation be it leaky faucets, burst pipes, clogged drains or just a checkup.