9 Signs That You Need To Get A Professional Plumber

dirty water

Homeowners often overlook plumbing problems as they see it as something that is not necessary. However, it is crucial to resolve the problem before it gets out of hand. Therefore, if you are experiencing any minor or major plumbing issue, call a plumber in Santa Barbara, CA right away! Although the problem may not seem too big at the moment, a small leakage can lead to bigger problems and expensive repairs.

If you are unsure about when to call a plumber, there are certain signs that you can look for. Watch out for the following signs and consider hiring a professional plumbing company to keep the problem from escalating.


The most common sign that indicates a problem in your pipeline is when the pipes start making screeching, rattling, and clanging sounds. The pipelines that are installed are supposed to work properly without making any strange sounds.

However, if your pipelines are clogged or damaged, they may start producing strange signs indicating that you need to get a professional plumber in Santa Barbara, CA.


begins to act up. However, if there is an issue with only one toilet then that means that there is a problem with the unit itself. But if there are many toilets that are not functioning properly, then that means there is an issue with the plumbing membrane. Call a professional plumber in Santa Barbara, CA so you do not have to deal with the hassle and inconvenience associated with a clogged up or broken toilet.


Homeowners believe that small water leaks can be repaired using a DIY approach. These temporary fixtures like tightening the connection or swapping the washer or the gasket may lead to serious issues down the line.

Easy fixes do not always take care of the gushing water leaks, which leads homeowners to call a plumber in Santa Barbara, CA. A professional plumber will fix these leaky faucets, showerheads, pipes, and toilets to prevent water wastage. Conserving the water will allow you to save money, as well as ensure the longevity and performance of the plumbing system at your house.


Homeowners often take some responsibility in their own hands when it comes to unclogging pipes. However, what they do not know is that all clogged pipes can not be fixed with home remedies.

When the gunk in the pipe becomes stubborn, even harsh chemicals with toxic ingredients are not able to unclog them. So, before you get trapped in this expensive pipework, contact a plumber in Santa Barbara, CA to fix your clogged pipe problems. Hiring a professional to resolve the issue is better as it will save your money and prevent all issues in the future.


If you feel a sudden drop in your water pressure while showering, that means you need to get a professional plumber in Santa Barbara, CA to fix your plumbing system. A drop in the water pressure occurs when one of the pipes may have sprung which led to water leakage. Or, the flow from the main water pipeline got stopped due to a clogged line with mineral deposits.

Finding a solution to this problem can be challenging and an average person cannot do it.

Therefore, if you feel that your water pressure has lessened as compared to before, it is time you call a plumber in Santa Barbara, CA.


Rusted water is an indication of excessive iron in the water. Normally, this is not a huge problem because rusted water is sometimes considered safe to consume and use.

However, rusted water is also an indication of a serious underlying plumbing issue. A professional plumber in Santa Barbara, CA will check your pipes and tell you whether you need new ones, an upgraded water system, or a serious water check.

Even if you consider yourself a “risk-taker” when it comes to water safety, we recommend you not to take risks. Call a professional to fix your water issue so it does not become injurious to health.


There is a problem with the plumbing system if the water drains at a slow pace. If this issue is only with one of the drains then it means that the issue is not too big and can be fixed quickly. However, if there are multiple drains that are slow, that means there is debris present in the pipelines that are causing a blockage.

A plumber in Santa Barbara, CA can be the best person to contact so your drains function the way they used to before.


Can you smell weird sewer smells coming from either inside or outside your home? If you can, then that means you need a professional plumber in Santa Barbara, CA come to take a look. These bad smells are a sign of serious issues.

Most of the time, this is a sign of sewer pipelines. Therefore, without any delaying, you must call for a plumber in Santa Barbara, CA to come or you could end up with a sewer back up in your residence.


Rain is not so frequent in Santa Barbara, CA; therefore, those soggy patches in your garden mean that something is wrong. Unexplained random patches mean that you need a plumber to come and check what is going on. Similarly, if there are excessive green patches, it is a sign of a need for plumbing repair.

There is a high chance that the main issue is either a leaking water line or a sewer breakage underground. In both cases, the first thing that must be done is calling a plumber in Santa Barbara, CA.

If your plumbing system is producing any of the signs above, the best option is to contact a plumber in Santa Barbara, CAto fix your issue effectively.