Summer is Here, Get your House in Gear!

Summer is a fun season, often filled with travel, family gatherings and outdoor activity.  But it can put more strain than you might expect on your plumbing system and pocketbook – and not only because of the heat.  Summer storms and lengthy vacations can take a toll, as well.

But don’t worry! Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has complied some “must know” tips and tricks to get you through some of the hottest and stormiest days, as well as ease your mind while on vacation.

Be smart about water use:

  • In the summer months water use can more than double.[1] Help conserve some water (and save money) by installing high-efficiency toilets, showerheads and faucets. A high-efficiency toilet alone can help save up to $120 per year. [2]
  • If you water your lawn regularly with a hose-end sprinkler, a properly installed sprinkler system could save money. If your hose-end sprinklers require you to overlap areas, and water your driveway or the side of your home, you’re wasting water and should consider the investment.[3]
  • If your neighborhood is getting a lot of rainfall, using a system to harness rainwater is an economical and sustainable way to keep lawns and gardens watered throughout the summer months.[4] Not sure if the amount of rain you’re getting is enough? Just call us and ask!

Protect yourself during a storm:

  • After heavy rainfall, debris can cause blockage in drains and gutters, so it’s important to check them for problems.  If it’s not something you can clean yourself, call one of our plumbers before pipes and water lines get backed up. [5]
  • Flood water can increase pressure on the sewage system, leading to possible sewage back-ups that could cause overflowing toilets within the home. When the water table is high or the sewage system is threatened by flood water, the only way to prevent backup is to relieve pressure on the system by using it less.[6]
  • Lightning can enter a home or building through a direct strike, through the ground or through wires and pipes. Once inside, it can move through electrical, phone, plumbing and radio/television systems, so avoid contact with corded phones, electrical equipment and plumbing. [7]

Prepare your home for vacation:

  • The second most common homeowners' insurance claim is water damage to houses.[8] Even the tiniest leak unnoticed can turn into a major flood (which often happens while home owners are on vacation).
  • To help prevent leaks while on vacation, remember to turn off the main water supply. This will cut off water to the house, but still allow outside sprinklers to run.[9]
  • Lowering the temperature on a water heater while on vacation can save energy and money. Heating water to temperatures above 120° F is wasting money. Lowering the thermostat on a hot water heater by just 10ºF can save between three and five percent in energy costs.[10]

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today to schedule any repairs or a routine maintenance check to ensure your plumbing system can tackle all of summer’s challenges, leaving you peace of mind to enjoy the season.

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