Back to School

Local residents are packing up their swim suits and getting out their backpacks, as area children prepare to head back to school this month. It’s no secret that the transition from lazy summer months to busy school days can be stressful. Morning and evening routines can be hectic, especially as parents and children try to re-align their schedules. And those that are sending their college-bound students off to out-of-town universities face additional challenges in helping their children prepare for the realities of living on their own.

But there are simple ways you can help your family prepare for the transition, and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® is here to help! Make the most out of already hectic morning and evening routines, as well as prepare your college-bound kid, with the tips below. 

For parents with grade school-aged kids, here are some tips to ensure smooth morning and evening routines:

  • Make sure everybody gets a good night’s sleep. Taking a nighttime shower might help. Body temperatures drop rapidly after a bath, which can help in falling asleep faster.[1]
  • If a lot of people in one home need to shower, consider staggering bathing times between morning and evening hours to help ensure optimal water temperature and pressure for everybody. Taking a shower at night could also help save money, since utility companies generally charge lower rates during off-peak hours.[2] Check your utility company’s websites for information on peak and off-peak rates.
  • About 80 percent of bathroom injuries are due to falls.[3] Use bath mats inside and out of the tub to help ensure a showering child doesn’t slip while home alone.

For parents with college-bound kids, here are a few tips to help prepare them to become renters and to save money on utility bills:

  • Renters should inspect the actual apartment unit – as opposed to a model – for plumbing issues. Turn on the faucets and flush the toilet to help make sure the water is running properly and isn't tinted brown.[4]
  • To help avoid moisture problems and help keep cooling costs down, control humidity in the bathroom by running a ventilating fan during and 15 minutes after showers and baths.[5]
  • Always wash full loads of laundry. About 90 percent of the energy used for washing clothes is for heating the water, and full loads use less water per item.[6]
  • Help save even more energy (and money) by washing all loads in cold water, use energy-efficiency settings, and upgrade to Energy Star machines, if possible. This could help save up to 50 percent on energy and water — about $110 every year.[7]

Call one of our plumbers today to schedule any upgrades that could help make your transition from summer fun to scholarly pursuits and responsibilities easier.








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