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Chandler - Plumber

Your local Benjamin Franklin Plumber has been serving the Phoenix East Valley area since 1985. We promise prompt and professional service to all of our customers. "If There’s Any Delay, It’s You We Pay.®" We look forward to solving all your plumbing repair, installation and service needs. Call us now to schedule an appointment.
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    Two Time BBB Ethics Award Winner, gives consumers peace of mind when calling Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®. Plumbing done right the first time is important. We only hire the best drug free and criminal background checked employees to save consumers time and money. We also communicate clearly, so the best plumbing solution is completed. 

    Three Time Customer Choice Award Winner with Angie's List.

    Rosie On The House Certified Contractor.

    We are Solar Licensed and experienced, for the best results in solar water heater needs.

    Having a plumber answer the phone in house live 24/7, like we do, will help with any plumbing needs that come up at any time.

  • Awards and Affiliations

    • 3 Time Winner of Angie's List Plumbing Service Award 2006, 2007, 2008

    • 2007 Better Business Bureau Ethics Award Winner, 1st Plumber to win this 2 times in the state of Arizona

      2003 Better Business Bureau Ethics Award Winner, 1st Plumber to win this in the state of Arizona

    • NAWBO-National Association of Business Women Owner- Business of the Year

      Phoenix Chamber of Commerce -Community Involvment Business of the Year


Chris Stanfield

Chris Stanfield - Owner

Expert Plumber, Residential, Commercial and Solar Licensed Plumber. Chris is a certified backflow prevention plumber. He has owned his own company for 25 years, while working in the plumbing industry.

He started working in the custom plumbing construction field working with very complicated plumbing needs to build large homes in the Valley. He worked on many homes in the Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Camelback Mountain area for many local and part-time residents. 

He has a number of references available; many other plumbers will use him to consult their plumbing needs. He has a natural ability to understand plumbing and its solutions. In 1999, he changed his focus to service plumbing, now he can help homeowners directly with solutions to already built homes, solar and tankless, etc.

Chris oversees technical needs and support, along with the hiring of plumbers to the business, he makes sure they fit our culture and what customers expect from us with their technical ability and ethics.

Linda Stanfield

Linda Stanfield - Owner

Linda Stanfield, Graduate of Ottawa University, Licensed Insurance Agent, licensed Hairdresser, loves customer service and making peoples’ lives better.

What better way to help people then when plumbing concerns arise? Linda has helped change the plumbing service reputation in Phoenix. During the last 10 years. she has worked day and night to answer phones herself, for people in need, she has worked many many hours at community events to give back to the community, Linda puts the process's in place to service the community and customer better. Linda saw a need to help consumers be able to count on a reputable plumber, and has made that happen.  

Linda oversees the day to day operations of the business, the marketing and employee needs.


Curtis - Plumbing Technician

Curtis has 7 years of plumbing experience. He is great with customers and diagnosing leaks and water heater solutions. Curtis, like all our plumbers, is very neat and clean. He keeps all our homeowners' home neat and clean.

Curtis has extensive training in water treatment and faucets issues and is a Certified Benjamin Franklin Plumber and an asset to our company.


Don - Plumbing Technician

Don has 10 years of plumbing experience. He has worked in both construction and service plumbing. Don is very well trained in water treatment, all faucet and toilet repair needs, along with sewer and re-pipe needs. Don is experienced with leak locating and video camera equipment.

Don has replaced thousands of water heaters and is well experienced with tankless and solar water heater needs.  

Don is a Certified Benjamin Franklin Plumber and an asset to our company and is requested a lot by our customers.


John - Plumbing Technician

John is from New Jersey and is a great plumber. He does a great job with many plumbing concerns, he can find and repair a leak with the ability of providing many options.

John has a lot of training with hot water heaters and water treatment and is a certified Benjamin Franklin Plumber and an asset to our company and customers.


JR - Plumbing Technician

JR has 10 years plumbing experience. He is a very experienced plumber and works well with gas and sewer line needs. He understands how hundreds of different types and makes of toilets work and is great when it comes to knowing how to fix even the toughest toilet problems.

JR has great experience at tankless water heaters and all water trouble-shooting. He is a Certified Benjamin Franklin Plumber and an asset to our company, our customers love him !!!!


Marc - Plumbing Technician

Marc is a native to Arizona and has 9 years of plumbing experience. He is great at diagnosing sewer line needs and yard leaks. Marc is very neat and clean and really likes to go the extra mile to make sure all our customers are happy with their plumbing solution.

Marc has extensive water treatment training and toilet repair and is a Certified Benjamin Franklin plumber and an asset to our company and customers.


    Licensed experienced plumber for solar & tankless water heaters, all types of water heater repairs or replacement, leak location, slab leak, water leaks, drain back-up service, toilet repair, faucet repair, handicap shower remodeling, shower replacement, water treatment, easywater, water softener repair or replacement, root treatment, sewer line replacement or repair, wall leaks, pressure repair, emergency service, 7 days a week appointments, friendly live professional plumbing, solar, sewer and water treatment service.


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    • Water Conditioning Softening
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  • Maintenance Program

    The Ben Franklin Society™ is a plumbing maintenance membership service club that is limited to a select group of our customers. 

    What is it worth to you to extend the life of your water heater, protect your home from unexpected plumbing breakdowns or worse…water damage? The Ben Franklin Society™ is plumbing security for your home.



    • Plumber Gives Back to Women

      Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is now a drop off location for, Bra's are recycled for women in abused shelters and low income families. If you have any Bra's in good condition or with the tag still on them, drop them off and help other women in need today.

    • Plumber offers 7 days a week service with no extra charges

      If you need a plumber on the weekend don't spend any extra money, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing 7 days a week for emergency or regular service to help you save both time and money.

      Don't miss work during the week, book an appointment for service for them to come out on the weekend, yes Saturday and Sunday both are open for regular service to meet your plumbing needs.

    • Rosie On The House Featured Plumbing Tips

      Looking for plumbing tips for repair of your plumbing needs? Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, plumbing specialists of the Phoenix area provides Rosie Romero, the number one rated home service referral resource and website in AZ, with Plumbing Tips for, review them to see if they answer your questions, if not feel free to contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing anytime for more customized plumbing help.

    • Solar Water Heater allows to savings on utility bill

      Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is now solar water heater licensed; many homeowners are looking for a way to save on monthly bills. Solar Water Heaters can provide extra cash monthly, in AZ let the hot sun help you provide more cash. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are well trained and experienced to make sure your new solar water heater is installed correctly and meets the guidlelines for the rebates and credits available.

    • Too Busy to Wait for A PLUMBER?

      The Phoenix AZ area now has a Plumber guaranteeing to be on time or they will pay you 5.00 a minute if they are late, they also have many flexible appointment times for you, with some that have no waiting for the plumber to show up. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers this to Phoenix area homeowners along with calling ahead before they come out.

      Did you know you could stay at work and work until the plumber is on their way, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to find out how they can help you save time, money and get your plumbing fixed.

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