Plumbing Safety Tips Ahead of Hurricane Irma

HOUSTON (September 7, 2017) – Experts from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®, part of the Direct Energy family of brands with independently owned and operated locations throughout North America, are offering simple tips as Hurricane Irma approaches the East Coast. Licensed expert plumbers are available for interviews locally to talk about these tips and more:

  • Check all downspouts and roof gutters to ensure they are securely fastened, free of debris and draining properly.
  • Make sure yard culverts and street drains are free of debris and can carry water away as fast as possible.
  • Consider installing a battery back-up pump that will operate in the event of a power failure.
  • Inspect all floor drains throughout the house, including those in the garage, driveway, and basement.
  • If you lose water pressure, open a faucet at the highest point in the house (such as an upstairs bathroom) to allow air into the system. Then draw water as needed from the lowest faucet in the home.
  • Safe, clean water can be found in the water heater or a pressure tank for use in an emergency.
  • If there is enough advanced warning of the emergency, assure the freshest water supply by flushing the tank and allowing it to refill with clean water.
  • Turn off electricity or gas to the water heater so there is no risk that the heating unit could come on while the tank is being emptied. Draw water as needed from the drain valve at the bottom of the tank.
  • Water stored in your home’s plumbing system is safe - for a few days. After a longer time, it must be disinfected before it is used for drinking or cooking.
  • Fill sinks and bathtubs with water for emergency use. Water stored this way is perfect for cleaning dishes, bathing or flushing toilets. However, due to the difficulty in getting tubs and sinks clean, this water is not recommended for drinking and cooking unless it is first disinfected.

For homes with basements:

  • Inspect basement sump pump, if you have one. Ensure it is discharging water properly and is not clogged with debris. Do this by pouring a few buckets of water into your sump pit. In a matter of seconds, the pump should discharge the water and shut itself off.  Consider installing a battery back-up pump that will operate in the event of a power failure.

Benjamin Franklin was recently ranked as one of the leading companies in the Plumbing services category in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 list. For information about Benjamin Franklin, visit Our friendly plumbers are happy to answer any questions regarding a home’s plumbing system to ensure people are using water safely during these intense storms.

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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is part of the Direct Energy family of brands and is currently ranked by Entrepreneur magazine as one of the leading plumbing franchises (Franchise 500, January 2017.) Our trusted plumbing professionals offer customers on-time plumbing services, replacement and repairs. Franchised Benjamin Franklin Plumbing locations are independently owned and operated businesses.

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